I was raised in Bolivia, as a missionary kid. It might appear to be a severe sort of life, with few of the comforts that we expect these days, but the rewards far outweighed any hardship. I was exposed, daily, to cultures, languages, and ideas completely foreign to a North American setting. The gift of living surrounded in a native tradition, which I experienced as very nourishing, gentle and rich, continues to inspire my art and my life. I have come away with no regrets, and so much gratitude for a childhood that prepared me for a life of flexibility, simplicity,and service.

My parents taught me that service to others is the highest and most rewarding calling. Even when we considered ourselves poor-as-church-mice, in Bolivia there were always people in far greater need. My mother was very clear about giving free meals to every street child she met, and endless healthcare to anyone who showed up at the clinic. A regular form of payment for her services might be a stock of bananas, a live chicken, or a half dozen eggs wrapped in corn husks. She was grateful for whatever showed up.

Another gift my parents gave me was the ease of travel. I think we headed out on my first adventure within days of my birth, and throughout my childhood, we never really stopped moving and traveling. As an adult, my desire to always see what’s around the next corner, or in the next valley, or country has spurred my love of photography into a genre of “still documentation”. To distill this even further, I might add that I love exploring and photographing rural life in less developed countries. I am fascinated with the rituals of a simple life, and every village has their own unique traditions and style.

Currently, I live in Arroyo Seco, just outside of Taos, with my wonderful husband Jim. He, so generously travels with me as I am spurred by my passion for travel and photography. Rarely does he complain about being cajoled into visiting yet another country and experiencing the hardship of rustic travel to the outbacks of a new and wild frontier!!



I have a vision of peace on Earth. Through my experiences and travels, I’ve come to recognize that people everywhere share that same vision. My goal is to strengthen this vision by sharing the beauty of all cultures and people, celebrating our amazing diversity, and all our incredible similarities of the heart. We truly are One Family!