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Monday, 24 March 2014 00:00

There is a noticeable hum over Lhasa, and all inhabited Tibet. It is heard above the din of traffic noise, not diminished by the clatter of horse carts, louder then squabbles and arguments, and stronger then the sound of Chinese soldiers marching together.

It comes up through the earth and the soles of ones feet as a sweet vibration, it gently drifts in the air like a fine mist, sifts down on all beings in the rain and snow as a constant blessing, and is heard right through the night, day, lunch and dinner. It is the continuous hum of prayers being murmured by pilgrims. I know it’s more then the prayers being said. It is the accumulation of all the prayers that have been repeated day and night, non-stop with such reverence & sweet devotion, for many hundreds of years. This attitude lifts one up and sweeps you along with it, making prayer easy and meditation effortless; devotion suddenly seem inborn. There is no “outside” to God, or Love here.

My husband Jim, refers to Tibet as the spiritual center of the world. He may be right. Every living thing seems saturated with Spirit. It reminds me of the overwhelming, and permeating fragrance of spice as I’ve wandered through the marketplaces of India, and of each healing breath I feel myself take in Hawaii. It is intoxicating! There is no getting away from it.

Leaving Tibet was like suddenly being disconnected from something so very nourishing and sustaining - like oxygen!!

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